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Worknet: Transforming collaboration

worknet is the term coined to describe a group of online participants and applications to collaborate a certain cause or purpose. It is an area that is concerned with the intersection of organizational behavior and computer science. The activity is called worknetting and was described in 2007 as a new trend for 2008 in the bulletin for marketeers [1] and was further discussed and developed at the Web 2.0 Expo 2008 [2] in San Francisco.

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Organisation 4.0: the rising of ne(t)worganisation

New organising is networganising which is different than both organising and networking performed by traditional organisation and network. It is a higher level synthesis of the best parts of the two and that goes beyond the practices of pre-synthesis  hybrid forms networked organisation (networg) and organised network (orgnet). Networganising is what a networganisation does in order to reach out like minded, key peers, link them and their network base into each other while shaping a dynamic program and space in a peer to peer way. Networganisation eventually hyper-empowers all the nodes involved with its higher level capability of synthesis and embeddedness of the peer to peer relational dynamics and the peer to peer technologies into the networganising practice; its internal socialisation processes as well as its relationships with external entities. Networganisation will be replacing the organisation in the approaching era.

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TIE Netherlands – FNV – NetwOrganisation social media workshop

TIE - FNV social media workshop on International Solidarity Shop-stewards' Day | Mapping Social Network Unionism Worldwide |

Workshop will be given by: Marten van den Berge (TIE Netherlands), Jack Bos (FNV), and Orsan Senalp (member FNV / NetwOrganisation) during  the International Solidarity Shop-stewards’ Day.

When: Wednesday, June 13.

Where: Conference Centre The Veerhuis, Nije Monde 4, 3434 AZ Nieuwegein.

Time: From 13.30 – 15.45

Sign in timely by Renate Breg: r.breg @ -> And do not wait to register for this workshop because there space for maximum of 25 persons.

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Free and Open Source Software Applications that are safe and useful for unionists, labour and social justice activists

N-1: N-1 is an online social network software. It has been developed by Indignados from Spain and elsewhere collectively. N-1 combines many of the below tools in it. The name n-1 is related to the principle of equipotentiality that attribute potentially equal participation for all the nodes involve.

Other important free and open source online networks are DiasporaRise UpDrupal.

    Big Blue Button is an open source online software  built originally for higher and long distance education purpose. Yet it is a very usefull tool for unionists and …..

Mumble is a free telecommunication software that is used by Occupy movement, Spanish Indignados/15M activists. You can create voice-chat rooms for your scheduled work groups, meetings and conference calls.

Turtle is a free and open source anonymous peer-to-peer network project facilitating free speech and sharing information by combining encryption with peer-to-peer (P2P) technology. Like no other anonymous P2P software, it allows users to share files and otherwise communicate without fear of legal sanctions or censorship. Continue reading Free and Open Source Software Applications that are safe and useful for unionists, labour and social justice activists