Van Till’s Principle (VTP) of Maximum Well-Connectedness

The Connectivist

Public domain photo Today, July 14, marks the celebration of the start of the French Revolution in 1789 by the storming of the Bastille Prison in Paris. The population started to turn (revolve) the tables on the aristocracy and the power of the roman catholic nomenclatura. I have the honor on this day to announce my guiding principle to help us get into an era of synergy and wealth creation. This principle may not start a revolution but at least it may change the mindset of many people, away from pure inward looking & self centeredness.

I define my Principle of Maximum Well-Connectedness as: “Connect and cooperate with the most extraordinary, the maximally different and unexpected, because the Vitality of an Entity (*) depends on the Quality of its EXTERNAL Relations, which can make it part of something bigger with shared unique contributions in scope and scale” ~ Jaap van Till, July 14…

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