We help you to hyperempower your institution from bottom up!

Networganisation provides you with detailed update on the most recent developments in the fields of P2P networking technologies and the Web 2.0 via online and real world trainings, workshops, exchange modules, strategy meetings, policy advice and consultancy. We help you to enable your network and/or organisation to benefit from the transforming power of the ground-breaking technological developments. Our work is based on the premise that the quantum leap in the mentioned communication and media technologies since 2004 onwards has been creating new organisational capacities for networks as well as new networking capacities for organisations.

We have been tracing and involving in astonishing experiments that have been taking place in the last two decades. Networganisation offers you a first-hand experience and knowledge. Utilizing and adopting it to your context you can upgrade your union, labour network or NGO at national or international level and get better equipped in your efforts to realise your goals.

Among other things such expertise promises to increase your engagement with your peers, to activate your organised rank and file, to reach out ‘the unorganisible’, to strengthen participation and organisational democracy, and to swarm together with maximum amount of actors who sincerely share your goals.

January, 2012


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